Open Your Shop

From Nashville to the World

Using Fashion Nashville is totally free. You can be our member, shop what you need, follow your friends and favorite sellers.

Best of all, you can open your own shop. It is free too 🙂 offers a state-of-art marketplace so sky is the limit.

You can sell your Products like clothing, shoes, bags etc. You can create and sell variable products so customer can choose color, size etc.


Opening your shop and listing your awesome products are free,

When you sell anything transaction fee is 7% for us and payment processing fee is 3% + $0.30 fro the Credit Card company.

For example you sell your bags for $ 100.30. You will get $90 immediately to your bank account or debit card. You just need to open STRIPE account which is free too.

Please Register first. If you already our member please Login and click SELL > Dashboard on the menu to fill out Vendor Application. After your application is approved, you can edit your shops settings like banner, logo, social media accounts etc, and start listing your products.