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Nashville Fashion Week 2018

Nashville Fashion Week will take place April 3-7, 2018, with all runway shows taking place at OZ Arts Nashville – the first time Nashville Fashion Week shows will be held in a single location. “We are so excited to have OZ Arts Nashville as a strategic partner and our home for all runway shows in…


Nashville: America’s Next Fashion Capital?

Once synonymous with rhinestones and cowboy boots, a growing number of emerging fashion labels have turned Music City into a thriving fashion hub. At Manuel Couture, a shop and showroom in downtown Nashville just a 20-minute drive from the Grand Ole Opry — the storied performance venue that has launched many of the country music…


40 Tips to Take Better Photos

I was extremely lucky to have many talented and generous photographers take me under their wing to show me the ropes. Without their valuable advice there is no way I would have become the photographer I am today. Ironically, the number one question I now get asked as an Open producer is “How do I…

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